CorrectClaim Helps Client Double the Amount of Tornado Claim

July 16th, 2013 by Sergio De La Canal

We are pleased to announce that we recently finalized a re-filed claim for a client who had been drastically underpaid in their initial settlement.

After suffering major property damage during the February 2013 tornado in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the homeowner was paid just $47,000 in their initial insurance settlement. This initial claim was handled directly by the insurance carrier and the company’s own in-house adjuster.

Once the homeowner began working with a contractor, however, it quickly became clear that the settlement amount offered by the insurance company was insufficient for the required repairs. Realizing that they needed professional help to get the money they deserved, the homeowner contacted CorrectClaim, and we immediately began the process of uncovering and documenting losses that had initially been “overlooked” by the insurance carrier.

During this process, we worked with independent construction and estimating professionals to document the full extent of the home’s damage, and helped the homeowner comb through a variety of sources to create a very detailed inventory of the home’s damaged contents. Then we used this more complete and accurate picture of the damage as the basis for re-filing the claim, and served as the homeowner’s representative throughout the process, managing paperwork, communications, and negotiations with insurance company representatives.

When presented with this clearer picture of the homeowner’s losses, the insurance company increased the claim amount for damages from the original $47,000 to more than $100,000. This included payment of the full policy limits for several items that had been left out of the initial claim entirely. The total amount of the final claim, including contents, was more than $166,000.

This more accurate and complete claim will help the homeowner to quickly and fully recover from the effects of this disaster, and also ensure that hidden or underestimated damages don’t create costly problems in the future.