Unlike traditional insurance adjusters (including “independent” adjusters), we exclusively represent the policyholder. Never the insurance company.

In a property insurance claim, the insurance company is represented by its own in-house or contract (independent) adjuster. While these adjusters can provide the policyholder with basic guidance on claims documentation and processing, it is important to note that they are paid by the insurance companies. This means that they ultimately represent the interests of the insurer, and not those of the policyholder.

This system is fine for minor property or automobile insurance claims, which are relatively uncomplicated, and which have little room for disputes about coverage, repair methods, or replacement costs.

Major property damage claims, however, present a very different situation. Tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars can be at stake, and there can be deep disagreements about replacement costs and coverage levels. And in the case of a major natural disaster, insurance companies may be overwhelmed by thousand of simultaneous claims.

Once they appreciate these realities, most policyholders dealing with major losses see the value in having an experienced professional representing their interests.

That’s where CorrectClaim comes in. As a public adjuster, we exclusively represent businesses and homeowners in the insurance claims process. By representing claimants instead of insurance companies, we bring fairness, balance, and efficiency to the process.

Public adjusters like CorrectClaim are licensed by state insurance commissions, which also set strict standards for our activities and compensation. This compensation is based on a small percentage of the final insurance claim, and isn’t paid until the claim is finalized. This ensures that we share our clients’ interest in a fast, efficient claims process, as well as their desire to maximize the amount of the claim.